Thenon is one of the largest suppliers of Change Management and Automated Testing software for the IBM System i platform.

We develop, sell and support our products and manage distributors and sales agents from our offices in London.

Thenon have been involved with IBM i platform for over 25 years.

Some of our clients installed our products on a SYS/38 or first generation AS/400 and now have them running on IBM i 7.4.

The latest version of SEE/Change (4.5503) enables development activities to be performed in GitHub. Branches are then pulled into SEE/Change for compilation, testing and deployment.

As the hardware platform has evolved so have our products.

Today SEE/Change enables companies to change manage software written in RPG, COBOL, C, ILE, SQL, HTML, Java etc. all using a single integrated product using a PDM or our RDi Feature.


Our flagship product, SEE/Change, allows companies to control the complete application life cycle for new development or maintenance projects.

This covers all phases of a project from raising a request through to installing objects onto remote servers.


Our automated regression testing product SmartTest400 is designed to capture and replay complex regression test scripts over traditional System i applications. Test scripts can be written to accept external data and can be scheduled to run in batch mode overnight or at weekends.

Thenon continues to build its market share year on year. As companies respond to new legislation and require better control over the complete software life cycle, the demand for Change Management and Automated Testing software has increased from all vertical markets (banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, education and distribution/logistics).